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Our teeth are extremely important. Proper care of the teeth, gums, and mouth contributes to a person’s overall health. This is the main reason that dentists recommend regular dental checkups to prevent potential medical complications due to poor oral health.

To protect our mouth from cavities and gum problems, dental hygienists recommend undergoing dental cleaning at least every six months.

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What is Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning, also known as Prophylaxis or teeth cleaning is preventative maintenance that removes dental plaque and tartar to protect teeth from cavities. It also impedes the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Periodontal disease and gingivitis occur when bacteria from mineralized plaque or tartar colonize the gum tissue. When bacteria accumulate, inflammation and irritation occur that harm gum and bone tissue. These results are cavities that lead to tooth decay. 

Plaque is a soft, sticky bacteria infested film that covers your teeth while tartar is hard calcium deposits that can turn an unsightly brown or black color.

Both are health hazards because the bacteria can travel through your bloodstream to other organs and affect your overall health.

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Benefits of Regular Dental Cleaning/Prophylaxis

Bad breath (or halitosis)  and cavities can be prevented by a regular dental cleaning that reduces gum problems and tooth infections. Dental cleaning is also important for maintenance of a good personal appearance. Regular prophylaxis not only smoothes your teeth, removing rough spots and stains that attract bacteria, this procedure also cleans below the gumline preventing tartar and plaque build-up for a healthier looking smile.

Regular dental cleaning or prophylaxis procedure allows early detection of any underlying medical issues, such as receding gums, erupting wisdom teeth, dental cavities, or even oral cancer.

Regular oral prophylaxis is less expensive compared to the cost of treating serious dental problems brought about by poor oral hygiene.

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Routine/Prophylaxis Cleaning

This dental procedure is performed by a licenced dentist or dental hygienist and is not recommended for severely damaged teeth. It entails removing all the plaque from teeth including deeper, hardened plaque (calculus). It also helps in eliminating stains that exist on the surface of the teeth.


Deep Cleaning/Scaling and Root Planing

This level of cleaning is recommended to patients with high risk of developing gum disease or those suffering serious gum problems such as bleeding gums, swollen gums or loose teeth.


Gross Debridement

This dental cleaning procedure is recommended for patients who have not visited their dentist for more than a year. It is a procedure that thoroughly removes all plaque buildup

Many dentists recommend fluoride treatment during a dental cleaning procedure in order to strengthen the teeth. A patient is advised not to eat, drink, or rinse the mouth for at least 30 minutes after application.

In Conclusion

All individuals need an oral prophylaxis at least once every six months for preventative teeth maintenance. Patients with existing oral problems or disorders need dental cleaning more frequently.

The process of teeth cleaning does not cause pain, and it is generally comfortable, except for the length of time the patient has to sit with his mouth open. If a patient rarely visits their dentist, the process can be more uncomfortable since plaque, tartar, and stains will be harder to remove.

Selection of a good dentist is vital. Poorly executed dental procedures will cause severe damage to your oral health. Gum injury and damaged tooth enamel increase vulnerability to infection. That results in soreness, gingivitis (swelling and inflammation), and bleeding gums.

A dentist, dental hygienist, or a dental clinic in Stark County, Ohio should be trusted and have all the necessary training and certification to practice dentistry.

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