Dr. Thomas


About Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas grew up in Western Pennsylvania and attended high school in Hudson, Ohio. He has been a general dentist since 1996 and he has always relied upon the simple practice philosophy of getting to know his patients and treating them with kindness.

Dr. Thomas’ career has followed an unusual path: he majored in English in college while pursuing his passion for science and medicine, ultimately gravitating to dental school. In dental school, he received awards for his contributions to dental research and took a special interest in oral surgery. Following dental school, he dedicated several years to intense hospital training in oral & maxillofacial surgery, including trauma and reconstructive surgery. Following his residency training, Dr. Thomas practiced dentistry and simultaneously attended law school, graduating near the top of his law school class. Following law school, he practiced intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) and cyberlaw in New York City for several years.


Dentist since 1996

Following a 21-year absence from Ohio, Dr. Thomas returned to the Buckeye State in 2009 to practice dentistry and to put down roots. Since that time, he has earned two additional degrees: a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.).

Dr. Thomas is passionate about the outdoors, as is his wife Kelleigh, and both are avid marathoners, trail runners, mountain bikers, hikers, and mountaineers. 

 Combined, they have run more than fifteen full marathons and climbed many of the highest peaks in the United States. You can read the unlikely story of how Dr. Thomas met and eventually married his wife Kelleigh here: A Cyberspace Love Story. Dr. Thomas and his wife reside in Fairlawn, Ohio with their three Maine Coon cats named Eddie, Eddie, and Yeti, who apparently consider themselves the owners of their house, but are gracious enough to share it.