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Dentistry for Cowards

We understand that dentistry can cause anxiety for many patients and our goal is to provide dental care in a relaxing environment. Our office we designed with that in mind: we rely upon new technology and procedures that provide you with the most comfortable experience possible.

Dentistry for Cowards

Compassionate Care

We will never rush your treatment or pressure you into having procedures performed. Our goal is to discuss your dental health needs, answer any questions that you have, and treat your conditions in a manner that is not stressful for you. We are always willing to discuss your concerns and provide the gentlest of care.

A Comfortable Environment

Sometimes understanding dental treatment is the best anxiety-reducer. With that in mind, all of our treatment rooms are equipped with dual computer monitors, which allow us to walk you through your treatment needs with as much or as little visual assistance as you like. We also feature comfortable ultra-leather dental chairs and we stream a great mix of Pandora Internet radio music all day.

Topical and Needle-Free Anesthetic

Many dental procedures require no needles. In some cases, procedures can be performed without any anesthetic, while in others, a needle-free anesthetic can be used. In those cases which require an injection to provide adequate numbness, we will always first apply a topical gel anesthetic to the site of injection and use gentle techniques to minimize the discomfort.


Many patients like to use headphones to listen to music or audiobooks on their smart phones or digital music players and we encourage it! This can help to pass the time more quickly and it can help to mute the sounds of dental treatment that are frightening to some patients.

Oral Anxiety Medications

For very anxious patients, Dr. Thomas can often prescribe an oral anxiolytic drug like Valium. Patients typically take this medication an hour before dental treatment and such medications serve to “take the edge off,” reducing the stress of treatment. Please note that you must have someone available to drive you to and from your appointment if you elect to take such medications.